Since you piqued interest in my life, here's everything you might want to know about me. Spoiler alert, my life is really not that interesting. If I bore you to death, I'm not paying for your funeral.

I have spent the majority of my life sitting in front of my computer, writing code, and building stuff. Rest of the time I jaywalk looking for problems to solve or create them. I believe that innovation can happen pretty much anywhere. But, I’m a bit biased towards solving problems with technology.

I made my first website when I was 11. It was a community forum website built using PunBB. I worked at Freelancer.com, oDesk (now UpWork), and Themeforest as a freelancer or an independent website theme producer. I made about USD$ 16,000+ over the course of four years. By then, I was 16 years old.

I have a very supportive family who has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Being the youngest member of the family, I get literally all the adoration. I basically live like a king in my home.

I grew up and live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Growing up I wanted to be a Software Engineer/Computer Scientist. But then I decided to start living dangerously. So, I put entrepreneurship as my primary life goal.

I’m pursuing my undergrad on Organization Strategy and Leadership at the University of Dhaka. Prior to that, I completed my elementary and high school from Government Laboratory High School and Dhaka College.

I’m a fan of simple things. I don’t like noises and complications. I usually just slam the door or run away when things get too complicated to control.

My first and only job was at JoomShaper. I joined JoomShaper as an Extension Developer in 2013 and worked there for a year. In fact, I was the very first employee of JoomShaper.

Late 2014 to mid-2016 was the most transitional phase of my mind. I highly invested myself in exploring new concepts and broadening my knowledge. Most importantly, I started to care about how the world works.

In early 2017, I co-founded Symbl with @Atif. It is a bootstrapped technology startup that makes scalable digital products to drive innovations. I currently run Symbl as the Chief Executive Officer.

Right now, my passion lies upon building scalable digital solutions empowered with extensive UX engineering to execute real-life values. I take that passion to work while working with my amazing team at Symbl.

I worked as an Instructor at Spade Academy for about a year undertaking courses on Responsive Web Design. Currently, I make premium online courses for 10 Minute School. I am looking forward to more opportunities in expanding my trainer career.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is my most favorite film of all time. I don’t befriend someone who hasn’t seen this movie. You must watch it if you haven’t yet!

I’m a Gooner. I love progressive and indie music. I adore both cattos and doggos. I enjoy coming-of-age novels. Kacchi Biriyani is my favorite meal, while Rossomalai being the favorite dessert.

I’m not much of a traveler. In fact, I’m a very homesick person. I require babysitting. But I wish to travel around the world someday. And when I do, it must be with my friends. They are the reason I never had to/have to look back or step backward.

I’m curious to find out what lies ahead in my life and how they will shape my story. But I am confident of never settling.