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5 Simple Reasons to Consider TailwindCSS

Web Design · August 25, 2020 · 4 minutes

TailwindCSS has become the topic of discussion in the frontend community in recent times. It’s a utility-first progressive CSS framework designed to rapidly style your web projects. I came across and tried out TailwindCSS very recently and sorta fell…

Best Pop Culture Parodies for Developers

Cool Stuff · August 16, 2020 · 2 minutes

The internet is full of surprises. Whenever you think something is not possible, there is a guy on the internet who will prove you very very wrong! Such as that when I thought the developers cannot get any more creative in their work, here comes some…

The Underlying Problem of Facebook's Product Design Approach

Product Design · July 21, 2020 · 5 minutes

It is undeniable that Facebook is one of the most influential companies in the world right now. And, the key reason behind their success is their continuous product innovation starting from the News Feed to Messenger Rooms. While they managed to…

Is it really very simple to make a COVID-19 vaccine and distribute it worldwide?

Random Thoughts · May 05, 2020 · 3 minutes

The only sensible way we can find our escape from this pre-apocalyptic pandemic is by making an effective vaccine and distributing it worldwide to every corners. The solution sounds pretty simple, but it’s hard to materialize it in reality…

Satyajit's Ideological Crosses

Film and TV · May 02, 2020 · 4 minutes

Today marks the 100th birthday of Satyajit Ray. Needless to say, I am a big admirer of his work since my boyhood. Feluda and Professor Shonku holds a big piece of my heart even now. As I’m writing this, the Feluda Shomogro is right behind my laptop…